ABC Planning

Let's pretend every asset you have is liquid, moveable, and changeable. Next, ask yourself, if you could make a new plan starting today, what would it look like? That includes your CD’s, money markets, annuities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, REIT’s, or whatever. So let's distinguish between your “investable” assets vs. assets that are not. (i.e. Rental Property or Real Estate)

You will have to image your assets not where they are invested today, or last year, or even where they were 10 years ago. We’re not looking in the rear-view mirror, but trying to map out our future.

This is critical that you look at this in that way. You want to have your investments set up for your needs going forward, not left in accounts that might jeopardize your future. Now not all of your assets are going to be able to be repositioned, however this exercise will give you a glimpse of what you value in the types of assets in which you might invest and how to allocate.

The Financial ABC's of Retirement Planning
The Case for a New Investing Model! A New Paradigm!

Yellow Money

High Liquidity

Gains or Lower Return

Bank Accounts, CD's, Cash


Green Money

Protection and Protected Growth

Partially Liquid

Fixed Indexed Annuities or Fixed


Red Money


Overall Risk, Loss of principle

Variable Annuities, Stocks,
Bonds, Mutual Funds, 401k's,
Brokerage Accounts