Our Process

Our process is based off of the Conservative Investing ABC Model for planning.

The complexities of the information Baby Boomers and seniors need to know in order to arrive at the correct financial decisions today can be overwhelming, to say the least.  Assembling the puzzle pieces of your financial plan can be a daunting experience riddled with uncertainty of where to begin.  

Our process is made up of 4 steps:

  • Investigation – Our planning process begins with Investigation.  We investigate each other, investigate your portfolio, investigate any leaks, gaps, or deficiencies in the client’s current plan, and investigate sample solutions to your needs.  We also look to establish specific, realistic financial goals.

  • Recommendation - The second phase of our planning process, Recommendation, brings the specific elements of the solution to bear on the diagnosis.  This may involve the use of Fixed Indexed Annuities, Fixed Annuities, Life Insurance, Living Trusts, etc.  This phase may include income planning, protection, or asset management recommendations.

  • Implementation – In the third phase we begin with the process of allocating to the proper areas by way of applications and transfers to the various companies. Once the assets are transferred we will meet with you to review the end results. We then meet periodically to communicate progress and answer questions as they arise.

  • Review & Adjust – The fourth phase is the ongoing process of reviewing accounts as they relate to the ABC’s and adjusting as necessary, while keeping you informed of upcoming events.

Completing our process enables you to confidently assemble the puzzle pieces of your financial plan to achieve optimal results for you and your legacy.